Chat with your Databases

Connect your data sources, set up some data views (i.e. SQL scripts), configure a GPT Assistant, publish a Custom GPT in the ChatGPT store, and share it with your users, employees, or customers!

Get started

Four simple steps

Data insights just got a whole lot easier. Follow these three simple four and let DataLang do the heavy lifting.

1. Set up your Database

Configure your connection string and give it a name.

2. Add a Data View

Use SQL to train GPT with your own data rows.

3. Chat with a GPT Assistant

Select the data sources to train GPT with.

4. Create custom GPT

Leverage GPT to talk to your data in real-time!


Database to API

Get (and sync) your data via API.

GPT Assistants

Chat with your databases

Create custom GPT Assistants to chat with your data.


Create custom GPTs

Configure a GPT to share it with your users, or customers!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any technical knowledge to use DataLang?

You need to know your connection string, for example postgres://{USER}:{PASSWORD}@{HOST}:{PORT}/{DATABASE}, and perform SQL queries. But once you have your data views set up, you don't need any technical knowledge to use DataLang, just ask questions in natural language.

How does DataLang secure my data?

Your connection string credentials are securely encrypted in our system and only decrypted when necessary for data operations. We are committed to the security and confidentiality of your information.

What are some use cases for DataLang?

1) You could add some Sales, Customers, and Products data views to create a Sales Assistant and share it with your Sales team. 2) You could also make a variant filtering a specific Customer so they can ask questions about their own data. 3) Have a published ChatGPT with your curated movies. 4) Add your website pages and create an SEO Assistant

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