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Ask your Data in Natural Language

Effortlessly engage with your database. DataLang, a simple yet powerful tool, allows you to query your database using natural language. Just ask a question as if you were talking to a person, and our prompt engineering tool will fetch and translate answers for you.

3 simple steps

Data insights just got a whole lot easier. Follow these three simple steps and let DataLang do the heavy lifting.

1. Set your Data Source

Configure your connection string and give it a name.

2. Ask your Question

Ask something like 'How many users do I have?' or 'What is my MRR?'

3. Get your Answer

We'll use GPT-3 to generate a natural language answer.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any technical knowledge to use DataLang?

No, you just need to know your data source connection string, for example: postgres://{USER}:{PASSWORD}@{HOST}:{PORT}/{DATABASE}

How does DataLang secure my data?

Your connection string credentials are securely encrypted in our system and only decrypted when necessary for data operations. We are committed to the security and confidentiality of your information.

Click here to view our encryption/decryption process in the code.
What types of questions can I ask in DataLang?

You can ask DataLang almost any question you would ask a data analyst. For example, you can ask about the number of users in a given time frame, or the most common values in a specific field.

Can I integrate DataLang with other tools?

Yes, DataLang has an API to manage your Data sources and Questions.

We respect your privacy.

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